Folklore and Fairy Tales

For as long as people have recorded their history, they have told stories. In the days when people did not know nearly as much about the world as they do now, they made up myths or legends to explain events. The fairy tale was born from those stories. 

Children and adults alike love a good fairy tale. In the typical fairy tale, good wins over evil, the bad are punished, and the good prosper. The hero and heroine must go through trials to prevail, and magic and magical creatures usually appear, but in the end, the protagonist is victorious. Magic is generally the tool that saves the day.

Section I


The Emperor's New Clothes

The Ugly Duckling

The Swineherd

The Fir Tree

The Snow Queen

The Shoes of Fortune

The Watchman's Adventures

The Bell

The Old Home

Section II

The Happy Family

The Story of a Mother

The Shirt Collar

The Shadow

The Little Match Seller

Little Tuk

The Saucy Boy

The Red Shoes

The Little Mermaid


Hansel and Gretel

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


The Bremen Town Musicians

Brother and Sister

The Frog King or Iron Henry

Little Red Cap

Mother Holle

The Seven Ravens

The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids

Folklore and Fairy Tales, Section I

Folklore and Fairy Tales, Section I


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Folklore and Fairy Tales, Section II

Folklore and Fairy Tales, Section II


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